"As I mused, the fire burned"

Reflection on life as a person of faith.

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Just Like Me?

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The other day, I met a man,
Who looked just like me.
Same hair, eyes and skin…
Ah, except he had a goatee.

I looked at him again,
With a careful eye.
We could have been twins,
He and I.

I questioned his mind,
Beginning with philosophy,
His thoughts on economics,
The Pope and theology.

We were of one mind
On matters divers.
His wife looked like mine,
Our cars, both by hearse.

The more we spoke
It became quite clear
Two birds of a feather
Had gathered here.

As alike we were
In every way
I could not stop staring
At that beard, plain as day.

My mind flitted back,
To images gone past.
Did not art render the bad,
With a beard just like that?

Revulsion grew,
With each passing breath.
This man was not like me,
He was as bad as the rest!

And so, I took leave,
Without a look back.
For that small goatee,
There was no way around that.

My search will continue,
In a world without end.
To find someone just like me,
So I can be comfortable again.


Written by sameo416

March 19, 2010 at 2:16 am

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“A Consecration”

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“A Consecration”

Not of the princes and prelates with periwigged charioteers

Riding triumphantly laureled to lap the fat of the years,

Rather the scorned – the rejected – the men hemmed in with spears;

The men in tattered battalion which fights until it dies,

Dazed with the dust of battle, the din and the cries,

The men with the broken heads and the blood running into their eyes.

Not the be-medalled Commander, beloved of the throne,

Riding the cock-horse to parade when the bugles are blown,

But the lads who carried the hill and cannot be known.

Others may sing of the wine and the wealth and the mirth,

The portly presence of potentates goodly in girth;-

Mine be the dirt and the dross, the dust and the scum of the earth!

Theirs be the music, the colour, the glory, the gold;

Mine be a handful of ashes, a mouthful of mould.

Of the maimed, of the halt and the blind in the rain and the cold –

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Written by sameo416

March 11, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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"As I mused, the fire burned"

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