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The “New” Anglican Church of Canada Philantropy

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I’ve stopped paying almost total attention to the ‘corporate’ parts of the ‘church’…first because they’re not part of the ‘church’ by any measure of the New Testament; second, because they insist on applying business practices to the management of ‘church’.

Now, the national ‘church’ (that is not a church), has issued its own gift guide, like WorldVision or Samaritan’s purse’s Christmas catalogue, mailed out to all those who receive The Anglican Journal. The goal is to get Anglicans to send their money directly to the national ‘church’ (that is not a church), so we can perpetuate that (almost) totally unnecessary corporate entity. http://www.anglican.ca/giftguide is the link.

My favorite is the gift of $100 under the title “build a faithful and engaged church“. Sounds like a great thing for a Christian to send their offering to support, doesn’t it? Read on to the description of what a faithful and engaged ‘church’ means to the national ‘church’ (that is not a church):

“From ensuring that the Pension Office has up-to-date computer equipment to empowering individual departments with current software tools, your gift of $100 to capital and equipment needs will make an enormous difference in the church’s ability to respond faithfully and effectively to dioceses, parishes and the many others who depend on ACC ministries”

Ah, that was what Paul mentioned in his letter to the Corporathians when he said, ‘tithe thee boldy so as to bring on a blessed operating system upgrade for thine corporation’.

and Jesus wept.


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