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Book Review: Ascent from Darkness

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Ascent from Darkness Book Cover
Ascent from Darkness
How Satan’s Soldier Became God’s Warrior

By Michael Leehan
Published by Thomas Nelson

This interesting book was provided, in exchange for a fair review, by Booksneeze (www.booksneeze.com).

This was a fascinating book, essentially a first-hand account of an active satanist’s rejection of evil and embrace of Christian faith. It is a true story of redemption, deliverance and salvation. It is also, in several places, deeply disturbing and more than a little frightening.

As Michael Leehan becomes engaged with a Christian church, through a relationship with a woman, he speaks of how he was ordered to kill the pastor. He even goes so far as to set aside the bullet that he intends to use. Gradually, while sitting in the foyer of the church, glimmers of light are shone on his soul and he discovers another path, one out of the darkness into the light. He eventually presents the bullet to the pastor, which marks the real turning point in Leehan’s journey back to the light.

For Christians who are engaged in spiritual warfare in their ministry, this is one of the best instruction books concerning the activities of the enemy I have come across. I have not seen an account as useful since reading C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. As this is a first person recounting of such warfare from the opposite side, it stands almost alone as an in-depth look into the strategies and tactics being used. If you are involved in leadership, prayer ministry or small-group ministry in a faith community, there are ample cautions in the book about the places you and your community may be attacked.

For Christians who find the idea of an active spiritual adversary absurd, this book might pose a real challenge. Do you really believe that what you believe is real? You may be able to argue with Michael Leehan’s interpretation of what he experienced, but it will be hard to dismiss him outright.

For non-believers, particularly those who come from a humanist or naturalist perspective, this book is likely an equally interesting perspective on faith and belief (and perhaps delusion). I will leave it to you to find your own path of truth in Leehan’s words, but his testimony is consistent with my own study and experience.

The book is written in a lucid, easy-reading format. This is not great literature, but rather a compelling, personal testimony to the darkness, chaos and destruction experienced by a man who was sworn to serve darkness. It is also an account of that same man’s rejection of that darkness, and his embrace of the light. I would not recommend this as light reading for entertainment, as that would not respect the deadly seriousness of the topic. I would highly recommend it for anyone engaged in ministry or active prayer ministry.


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