"As I mused, the fire burned"

Reflection on life as a person of faith.

Sermon for Easter – What do you believe?

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Just some place holders for hyperlinks until the text is done. There are a whole hockey-sock full of links, my apologies, but hey, what else did you have to do on Holy Monday?

There have been several who have argued the historicity of the New Testament, so I won’t go down that road too far. Lee Strobel’s books (Case for Christ; Evidence that demands a verdict) are good, written from a journalist’s perspective. Here’s an interesting article by Gary Habermas on that question.

I also subscribe to John Stackhouse’s blog, as I find him to be a reasonable and devout follower of Christ. I laughed when I read one comment in an old post about Eckhart Tolle, when Stackhouse notes that his media interviews always list him as from ‘evangelical’ Regent College, while the Vancouver School of Theology (VST) profs receive no such qualifier. It got me thinking about how you might attach a qualifier to VST, and what that might say about your own faith (mine would be ‘whacky quasi-heretical’ VST).

His series of posts from two years back answering ‘Dawkinisms’ is good (I worry sometimes that we give Dawkins too much air time, but at the same time I’m delighted to see his rantings used as a foil for good apologetic). Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

While I was writing I was listening to the album “Everyone” by Ingrid Michaelson. I quite like her music, and know nothing about her beliefs, but I was shocked when I listened to the lyrics of the song “Are we there yet?” The chorus caught me:

and are we there yet?
and are we there yet?
and are we there yet?
home, home, home
home, home, home

That refrain seems to me to be the refrain of all Christians, as we ask the Father, “Are we there yet?” It also drew to mind my friend Joe Walker’s last Holy Saturday post, which is one of the most brilliant pieces of prose I’ve ever read (Joe writes that the proper liturgical phrase for Holy Saturday = Are we there yet?). Given it was shortly thereafter he began his walk into glory, it is more than a bit prophetic. I am here. Soon, I will come for you.

Songwriter Carolyn Arends captured this focus beautifully in a song, “Getting Ready for Glory”, written after hearing Steve Bell tell a story about his Grandmother. This is from Arend’s website:

After thinking she was lonely all day, Steve Bell asked her if she was. Her answer is instructive to all of us. Steve asked his nan, “Gee, Nanny, what are you doing with your time these days?” She replied that she was actually quite busy, learning as many Psalms and great old hymns as possible, preparing for Glory.

The lyrics reflect this proper focus for all we who boldly claim the title of Christian (this is just a snip):

She will tell us if we’ll only listen
It’s not about dying, it’s all about living
And whether you’re young or the end’s getting near
There’s just one reason why God has us here
We’re getting ready, we’re getting ready
We’re getting ready for glory
We’re getting ready, we’re getting ready
We’re getting ready for glory


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April 6, 2012 at 6:23 pm

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