"As I mused, the fire burned"

Reflection on life as a person of faith.

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Reading Scripture:

…what really makes Scripture a transparent medium is the divine light that shines through it from the face of Jesus Christ into our hearts. It is only as we allow this light to shine through to us that we may discern any alien material in the lens, but it is of essential importance that the divine light be allowed to burn up the chaff in our own presuppositions and thoughts about God if we are to use the Scriptures in a theologically significant and constructive way.  (Space, Time and Resurrection, p. 12)

To which I say, Amen.  An answer for source and historical critical analysis.

Natural science and the incarnation and resurrection:

…the incarnation and the resurrection really are ultimates which must be accepted, or rejected, as such, for they cannot be verified or validated on any other grounds than those which they themselves provide.  Thus regarded, the incarnation and the resurrection are the basic and all-embracing miracles upon which the Christian Gospel rests, miracles which, by their nature, are not verifiable in terms of the kind of evidence and argument which obtain within the natural sciences where we are concerned only with natural processes and the natural order of things.  If they were verifiable in that way, they would not be miracles, far less ultimates.  It is illogical…to attempt to prove the supernatural by natural tests, but it is no less illogical to justify ultimates in terms of what is not ultimate. (S, T & R, p. 22)

To which I say Amen, as the natural sciences are placed in their right relation with God’s action in the creation.

The cross:

The resurrection is God’s great act of Amen to the Cross.  In the crucifixion of Christ we have on the one hand God’s judgement on sin and on the other hand Jesus’ submission to that judgement in obedience unto death.  From God’s side the crucifixion is his righteous condemnation of our sin, but from man’s side it is Christ’s high priestly Amen to the Father’s judgement.  But in the resurrection we have the same whole event, not only as God’s judgement but as his positive satisfaction in the obedient self-sacrifice of his Son.  And here the resurrection is the Father’s Amen to Christ’s high priestly self-offering in obedience and sacrifice for sin.  If the Cross is God’s No against us in judgement on our sin which Christ endured for our sakes…the resurrection is God’s Yes to us in his affirmation of Jesus as Son of Man and all that he has done for us in our nature and on our behalf.  Hence in the resurrection of Jesus the passion is seen as the same event from God’s side. (S, T & R, p. 52)


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