"As I mused, the fire burned"

Reflection on life as a person of faith.

Justice in Governance

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I have written previously about the authority of synods, and how a governance body can basically do anything it can convince its members to vote in favour of – unlawful or not. The only way to call a body to account is for someone to take that challenge to a court of tribunal that has authority over the governance body.

It’s a bit intimidating to see how much of what is done on a daily basis is entirely unsupervised. For example, a person with the authority to make a decision can make whatever decision they wish, even if that is overtly contrary to the law. Your choice is to either comply, or to embark upon the process of bringing that person to account. If that involves your employer standing with egg on its face, in the end it probably doesn’t matter a whit if you’re righteous in your charge. Winning your case will be followed shortly by the employer deciding you’re more trouble than they want to keep around.

In spite of the whistleblower legislation that is now popping up, I can’t think of any case where a person ultimately ended up happier in life after taking a stand on a matter of righteousness. After reading the Morton Thikol engineer’s account (Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster) of how he tried to stop the launch, his bold disclosure in front of the presidential commission, and how close he came to being fired, my thought is just reinforced.

Sometimes, the only thing that can bring about lasting change, or the end of a person running amok on a power trip, is one courageous person who is willing to take huge risks in order to effect change. This image is a very biblical one.

Micah 2
1 Woe to those who devise wickedness
and work evil on their beds!
When the morning dawns, they perform it,
because it is in the power of their hand.
2 They covet fields and seize them,
and houses, and take them away;
they oppress a man and his house,
a man and his inheritance.
3 Therefore thus says the Lord:
behold, against this family I am devising disaster,[a]
from which you cannot remove your necks,
and you shall not walk haughtily,
for it will be a time of disaster.


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November 14, 2014 at 1:19 pm

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