"As I mused, the fire burned"

Reflection on life as a person of faith.

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I was on my internship when a long time parishoner had a serious fall, and ended up in a coma.  At the hospital, my supervisor and I laid hands on and prayed.  After the prayer, things felt unfinshed, so we asked his wife if there was something missing.  She said he never wanted to be this way…in a bed, in a coma.

My supervisor asked if we should pray for his release, and she said please.  So we prayed again this time for God’s will to be done in granting peace.

Now, it has happened to me that the act of praying for someone, particularly someone near death, can create a link.  After that I will find myself aware of happenings.  More times than I can remember, I will know the minute a person dies.  That, I am convinced, is intended to be a help for intercession, so I know what to pray.

That night as I was in bed I was praying for this man when I had a waking vision.  I saw he in his bed, and his wife asleep in a chair next to him.  Then I saw a light lift from him, rise above his body, and then two other lights came through the wall and surrunded his light.  I knew this was a soul, and the other lights angels.  The lights the rose through the ceiling and were lost to view.  Immediately I was filled with an overwhealming sense of joy and began weeping.  I also had a clear thought…note the time.  It was 21:36.

The next morning my supervisor mentioned our friend had died overnight.  I asked what time,  but he did not know but would ask.  When he returned he asked me what time I had thought, it was the same time.

I won’t pretend to understand such things, and as an empericist I can only acknowledge my lack of understanding…although I must say that quantum entanglement offers and explanation!

So, when my friend mentioned an idea for an art installation for missing and murdered indigenous women, I wasn’t shocked to have a dream that night.

I was walking in a poplar forest of bare trees in winter.  There was snow on the ground and it was cold.  As I walked I entered a clearing, and in the clearing stood a circle of bare tipi poles, next to an empty firepit.  I was overcome with despair.  The camp was incomplete, and the fire cold, because all the women had been taken.  There was no one left to finish the camp, or to tend the fire, to bring life and warmth.

Parts of that dream will be at the bleeding heart space opening this Sunday, Feb 7.

As a footnote, I’m also not surprised to learn of recent advances in quantum entanglement.  That two entangled photos separated by over 100 km can seemingly communicate with no delay, sounds a lot like my prayer experience.




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February 4, 2016 at 10:27 pm

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