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Misogynist? Who me?

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I had a challenging experience the other night at a vendor social evening.

Before I describe the event, I need to say that I try to be very aware of my blind spots, including acknowledging that because of eho I am (white-passing Indigenous and male) there are realities I will never really understand. For example, while I’ve encounter racism when I have been public about my Metis heritage, that exposure itself is still cloaked in privilege. I am exposed to the racism when I choose to take that risk. This is much different than someone not white-coded who lives that reality as a default by virtue of an inescapable way they look.

So I try to be aware of that privilege.

Sitting and speaking with a health professional who commented on the female-dominated disciplines not having the title ‘doctor’ while the male dominated ones, for the same education, had the privilege of title. She related that her profession was by far female-dominated.

I commented, someone naively, that I was surprised as I had never been treated by a female in that discipline. I should have been on guard when her first question was if that was by my own choice. I speculated it was because of my medical complexity related to an injury to my back – to which she responded “like 80% of the population.” Still not clueing  in to what was happening I responded that I was disabled by virtue of an injury.

My next comment related to an article I had read about female faculty receiving poorer assessments than male faculty for better research performance. I related how I was concerned for my daughter, just beginning a graduate school in a STEM field. At ehich my conversation companion said angrily, “Don’t try to fix your daughter, worry about correcting your sons!” When I replied I only had a daughter, she said, “Then fix your colleagues!”

That was the end of the conversation, not surprisingly, as I pondered my ability to address all misogyny globally.

While I don’t fall into the ‘I’m an ally, why aren’t you nice to me?” trap, it did leave me wondering what else I was expected to do: raise a strong daughter, advocate for representation in my profession, attempt to counter all those societal dysfunctions, and what else?

This requires more reflection.


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September 16, 2017 at 6:47 pm

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